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Hill Holt Wood at Construction Week

This week the team have been teaching our signature strawbale and reciprocal roof workshops to over 200 students of local Lincolnshire schools. We've had lots of fun meeting such enthusiastic students from all over the county who have been keen to learn a little bit about natural building. We were all very impressed how capable the students were able to pick up all the information in such a short session.


The first day of Construction Week welcomed eight groups of Year 6 students participating in our workshops. Fortunately the weather was kind to us and so we were able to teach the straw bale workshop outdoors. All four schools listened and participated the theory-based introduction to straw bale building, learning key skills for strawbale construction, meaning the straw bale build itself shot up in no time! The reciprocal roof workshop was a great success, with one of the schools even picking up their teacher with the self-supporting frame.


Wednesday was another huge success, with another eight groups taking part in our workshops. As teachers, we really came into our stride and the workshops ran smoothly throughout the day. We feel very fortunate to have been teaching such well-engaged groups of students who were enthusiastic throughout.


The final day of construction week was great fun. Both teachers and students seemed excited to be learning about alternative methods of construction. Thursday consisted of older groups who tended to have more construction experience. It was interesting to see the perspectives of young people who hadn't been exposed to alternative construction techniques.

By the end of the week, we were all pretty exhausted and pleased that such a long-awaited week had been a success. We were especially impressed by our Forestry Apprentices Charlie, Billy and Callum, as well as our learner Amy, who all excelled at teaching the workshops to the groups. Time for a well-earned rest, before we start thinking about next year!

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