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Build Projects All Wrapped Up

The completion of build projects The Riseholme Summerhouse and Flintham Scout Shelter concludes a busy period for the design team, followed by a new wave of design projects to get their teeth stuck into.

The Summerhouse in Riseholme has been with Design:HHW since 2015 and has seen three waves of interns contribute to the design.

Ruth was the perfect host, providing a selection of hot drinks, cakes and snacks throughout the construction period and showing patience with each complication or delay. We had each of the four seasons at one point during the construction, but all the hardwork and extra hours was rewarded by a fantastic summerhouse at the end. Lots of lessons learnt, skills gained, and another beautiful built project to add to our portfolio!

The Flintham Scout Shelter had a quick turnaround, being brought to the team in late February and approved for planning in March. We managed to have the design and construction completed by June. Constructed by Hill Holt Wood rangers, the eight-by-four-meter structure will become a hub for outdoor activity for the local scout group, more specifically the Beaver group who love to be outdoors!

Fit with a rammed aggregate base, waney edge cladding using Hill Holt Wood timber and rainwater collection, the scout shelter is a simple, adaptable space and a great addition to the much-loved scout field. On-site rangers thoroughly enjoyed the company of the students at Flintham Primary School who showed a great interest in the timber structure coming together. Visits from the local residents and trips to the community shop made working in Flintham a pleasure and we welcome any opportunity to return.

If you're interested in your own afforadable build project, check out CONSTRUCT to see the range of projects we get involved in!

#architecture #timber #rainwatercollection #rammedaggregate #outdoorlearning #shelter

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