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Busy month of May

The design team hosted a workshop teaching strawbale construction. With people from the Leeds Coppice Workers, Glue Collective, Whistlewood Common and Nene Coppicing & Crafts, they have been shown the fundamentals of straw bale construction!

The Summerhouse went to site at the start of the month with rammed tire foundations and built using timber from local woodlands that Hill Holt Wood manage. The project is due to be finished in early June.

On the 8th May a Design team member and one of our Growing Up Green Rangers visited St Francis School to build a recycled plastic bottle greenhouse. Making better use of 2l drinking bottles to hopefully grow lots of plants!

As part of Growing Up Green project we hosted the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust for two days, giving them and the learners they brought with them and opportunity to learn about natural construction methods.

Our Design Team lead Hollie went on a week long trip to CAT (Centre for Alternative Technology) in Wales to expand her knowledge and experience in various natural building methods.

The Scout Hut at Flintham had its foundation dug and leveled by the design team. We’ve had our joiners cutting all of the pieces ready for us to install onsite as efficiently as possible.

To mark 15 years of Hill Holt Wood being a social enterprise the Design Team along with the rest of Hill Holt Wood staff visited Vinehouse Farm to learn about agriculture and how it affects the local wildlife.

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