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Raincliffe Wood Community Hub

Raincliffe Wood, Scarborough

RIBA Stage 2 - Concept Design  

This design was submitted as part of a feasibility study conducted in the community woodlands of Raincliffe Woods in Scarborough. Having worked with the charity previously, we were asked to develop a concept design for a community hub within the woodland, which was used as part of a funding bid for the Raincliffe Wood Community Enterprise. The design utilises the local timber sourced from forest management in the area, with a pre-fabricated straw panel structure to create a breathable and sustainable environment while also remaining cheap and quick to build. 

Environmental Aspects: High Insulation Volume, Locally Sourced Timber, Composting Toilets,, Local Learner and Volunteer Labour, Recycled Rubber Roofing. 

Category: Timber Architecture, Natural Architecture, Monolithic Timber Architecture.

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