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Green Synergy Community Hub


RIBA Stage 2 - Concept Design  

The charity, Green Synergy, requested a concept design for a new eco-build community hub located near the Lincoln County Hospital. Our proposal allowed the charity to apply for funding to develop the design further. The design allows for a public and private split, creating a separation between the charity's offices and the public community spaces, which includes a cafe area and function space.

A butterfly roof creates naturally lit rooms all around the building while allowing solar panels and water collection, and large areas of glazing at ground level helps link the internal spaces to the gardens surrounding the building. Green roofs and living walls help mitigate the loss of habitat from construction and encourage wildlife around the site. 

Environmental Aspects: High Insulation Volume, High Thermal Mass, Straw Bale Construction, Green Roofs, Off-Grid, Local Learner and Volunteer Labour, Natural Lighting.

Category: Straw Bale Architecture, Natural Architecture.

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