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Artists Studio - Workshop 

Hill Holt Wood, Norton Disney Lincolnshire

RIBA Stage - 4 - Technical Design 

The Artist Studio Workshop will be a space for the resident artist to visit and get creative. Currently in technical design, the aim is to create a space which is well connected to nature through large openings, while keeping North light a priority to reduce glare and significant lighting changes throughout the day. The workshop is the last of our Artist studio buildings, with works on site starting after the completion of the Treehouse. We have spent some time developing the concept and technical design to reflect the original design teams' studio design, shown through the cladding detailing. The design utilises straw infill panelled walls which reduces carbon emissions and allows for offsite pre-fabricated construction. 

Next steps - We are working towards a final technical design package which will then allow us to move to construction, once the treehouse is complete. 

Learn more about the Artist studio by clicking on the buildings below;

Environmental Aspects: Locally Sourced Timber, Off-Grid, Local Learner and Volunteer Labour, Lightweight Structure to Reduce Impact

Category: Timber Architecture, Natural Architecture, Straw Infill Construction, Prefabricated Panels

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