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Artists Studio - Treehouse

Hill Holt Wood, Norton Disney Lincolnshire

RIBA Stage - 4/5 - Construction

The Artist Studio Treehouse will be the main living accommodation for our resident artists. Elevated 4m in the tree canopy, the treehouse build-up is a timber framed construction and made from pre-fabricated panels, built here at Hill Holt Wood. Engineered Oak framing timbers are used for the platform, with screw piles as foundations to reduce the overall impact on the environment. The concept provides a lightweight structure with a delicate touch on the landscape, with high levels of insulation to provide eco-friendly comfort.

Next steps - The design is completely designed at technical stage and is awaiting the oak frame and foundation installation. Progress has been made on the framing which will be lifted into position once the platform is installed. 

Learn more about the Artist studio by clicking on the buildings below;

Environmental Aspects: Locally Sourced Timber, Off-Grid, Local Learner and Volunteer Labour, Lightweight Structure to Reduce Impact

Category: Timber Architecture, Natural Architecture.

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