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Artists Studio - Toilets

Hill Holt Wood, Norton Disney Lincolnshire

RIBA Stage - 7 - In Use

Much like other toilets around our site, the Artist Studio utilises dry composting toilets in order to keep a low carbon footprint and 'off-grid' status. Completed in Summer 2021, our toilet block was built using locally sourced timber framing with hempcrete infill walls, internal clay plaster and a lime rendered external finish. Eco bricks are used in the internal partition which uses waste products found around the site. Eco-slate (recycled rubber) tiles can be found on the roof of the building. 

Learn more about the Artist studio by clicking on the buildings below;

Environmental Aspects: High Insulation Volume, High Thermal Mass, Locally Sourced Timber, Off-Grid, Composting Toilets, Local Learner and Volunteer Labour, Use of Recycled Materials

Category: Timber Architecture, Natural Architecture, Monolithic Timber Architecture.

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