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Artists Studio - Sauna and Shower Block

Hill Holt Wood, Norton Disney Lincolnshire

RIBA Stage - 5 - Construction

Our sauna and shower block are constructed in a traditional Swedish Cope method of log cabin building. This method allows a tight joint between the log walls which reduces heat loss from the sauna while in use, therefore reducing carbon emissions and removing the need for insulation. All logs in the building have been sourced and felled by our forestry team, all within a 10 mile radius of our Hill Holt Wood site. Next steps for the sauna are the installation of the roof covering, which will be Larch cladding boards, and fitting the log burner.

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Environmental Aspects: High Thermal Mass, Locally Sourced Timber, Off-Grid, Composting Toilets, Local Learner and Volunteer Labour.

Category: Timber Architecture, Natural Architecture, Monolithic Timber Architecture.

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