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Ambergate Sports College Archery Booth

Ambergate Sports College, Grantham

RIBA Stage 7 - In Use 

The Artist Studio is a National Lottery Community funded project designed and built by our own design and construction teams, located in the Roman Villa area of the Hill Holt Wood site. Once complete, the Studio will provide accommodation and workshop facilities to inspire a Resident Artist, living and working in our woodland. The studio has been split into 4 separate buildings in order for us to stage the design and construction, as well as to show different methods of sustainable construction. 

Learn more about the Artist studio by clicking on the buildings below;

Environmental Aspects: High Insulation Volume, High Thermal Mass, Locally Sourced Timber, Off-Grid, Local Learner and Volunteer Labour.

Category: Timber Architecture, Natural Architecture, Monolithic Timber Architecture.

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